Terms & Policies

Happy Clam Cafe and Grill Spacious Dining Room with Seaside view


We take reservations for groups on 10 or more. We can fit 30 people in each room. 20 people on the Patio. And 20 or more with the extended outside area in the summer months. 


Happy Clam provides a casual dining experience with homemade food and efficient service.  We are a hybrid of Cafe and restaurant as you order at the counter and we bring you your food when ready.  


Happy Clam is concerned for your well being. We will take all allergies into consideration and take all precautions to prevent cross contamination. We work with walnuts and pecans and have peanut butter portions for breakfast.  We use Lobster, Shrimp, Scallops, Clams and Haddock.  We use white and whole wheat flour for baking purposes.  While we cannot guarantee Gluten Free or otherwise we do our best to ensure the safest experience for all our diners.

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